Start 2020 with Feel Good Lizzo

by cottonbros@pexels (Dec 28th, 2019)

America has been through a ton of drama in 2019. Don’t believe me? Let’s do a quick recap before I begin our usual “Homegurl and Homeboyz” talk…

Ghetto Drama for America 2019

  1. Beginning steps for Trump’s Impeachment (finally).
  2. R Kelly’s legal concerns, anti-documentaries, and interview with Gayle.
  3. Jussie Smollett’s conspiracy (Still don’t think he did it…)

That’s just three main things. Don’t forget the Notre Dame Fire, constant school shootings, Nipsey Hussle being murdered (R.I.P), the awful documentary on Michael Jackson’s Neverland, and a slew of other no good events.

With that being said, it’s time to walk into a new decade, to recreate ourselves as a new population and a new generation. You can’t do that without letting go of a few things in your own life. Which brings me to our “Homegurl and Homeboyz” discussion: Let’s Feel Good as Hell in 2020.

I don’t know about you my love, but I had one of the hardest years of my life, thus far. This year began with my mother having a stroke, and having surgery for her breast cancer. By May, I finally graduated from MSU after a full nine years of hard work. I didn’t get a chance to celebrate much since my father had knee surgery not even two weeks after, following my aunt’s breast cancer surgery. I was evicted out of an apartment that my ex-boyfriend never paid the rent for, nor ever paid me back for all of the loans I had to take out just to bail him out time and time again from jail, for taking care of him….you get the drift; he was a fuck boy to the fifth degree. Thinking that my life would improve and the world would be right, I took jobs that didn’t appreciate me, could barely make my car notes, never went on my graduation trip, which all affected my recent engagement to my fiance.

Trust homegurls and boyz, I am not walking into 2020, I’m dancing my way into it with Lizzo, and I have reasons why. Whether or not you like Lizzo as an artist, you must admit, the chica has tracks that will give you energy and the confidence of Superhead.

Her lyrics from “Good as Hell” remind every person that you are valuable. Even if you’re feeling lonely and just had a heartbreak, this song truly gives you that strength to move on with sass and finesse your way into a better life. Best believe I walked my fine ass on and into loving myself by July. (Dec 28th,2019)

Let’s not forget “Truth Hurts”, which was also the theme song for every woman and man who had to get the fuck on because of someone treating them wrongly. We’ve all been there, and this song truly is our best friend telling us that by the time that idiot comes back to try to ghost or zombie you again, you’ll be living your best life. Whoo child, and have I seen it happen to me near the end of this year. This song truly spoke the truth and helped me get through.

Even some of her other songs are beneficial and catchy. “Heaven Help Me” taps into the craziness that women feel about love, “Tempo” gives a club and fun appeal to everyone that’s thick, and “Better in Color” blasts how we can love others without the need to focus on boundaries. The girl is a brave, vocal and inspiring artist, especially for a thickums such as myself.

Through some of my toughest times this year, I had a limited amount of support. To be frank, I wouldn’t even pray to God at times, because I knew it would be the same story I’ve prayed again and again. When I felt that there wasn’t any hope for my heart or my situations, I turned on Lizzo and instantly felt like no man deserved this while I strut my sexy self in heels and a dress around town.

I might be biased about Lizzo’s music, but she’s not the only artist that has released music in the last year to have a positive effect on people. Artists such as Bazzi, Normani, Matoma and even crazy-ass Bebe Rexha have released at least one song that makes us feel elated, emotionally invigorating and special. Music is a universal language that has few boundaries, is easily shared now, and can touch the soul in a way that film and tv shows can’t do (visual media is my field, and even I feel this way).

By Static Shelter (Dec 28th,2019)

For the rest of 2019, do not play the music that puts you in a sad mood, like Camila Cabello’s “I Have Questions” (Sorry Camila, but I can’t cry on the first day of the new year over questions that I don’t care about anymore). Please, don’t fall for the quick and cheaply created playlists that keep all of Drake’s Summer ’16 songs. Instead, give yourself some love with good music that will put you in a good ass mood from the last decade. In my suggestion, flip ya hair into 2020 by listening to Lizzo’s sassiness that will make you feel like a new person.

Holla Homegurls and Homeboyz,

Lauren Teal



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