WW Inc. is for everyone, so let’s market that way!

Dear WW Inc.,

You've truly helped a lot of people throughout the 55 years you have existed. From giving people stronger self-esteem to assisting with their weight loss goals, you have seen it all. It’s visible that reaching out to a new market is your next move; I say this due to the name change from ‘Weight Watchers’ to ‘WW Inc.’ and the new mission statement you adopted. In order to truly succeed and make this new mission work, how about creating a new online and digital advertising plan?

For almost three months, I have studied WW Inc, the website, mobile marketing, online advertising, and social media. From reading your motto, which is to make ‘wellness accessible to all’, it is important to plan a digital advertising plan around this.

Considering different companies as co-partners would be an excellent start. Try considering clothing store websites, gym/fitness centers and healthy grocery stores that share the same message and goals as WW Inc. does. These three markets are what consumers purchase from every day, which means that advertising on companies related to these would only increase the number of members you’ll have in the future.

Each type of brand should have a different slogan for their ads. Gyms/Fitness Centers should have the slogan ‘Don’t Weight to Workout’, fashion company stores would have ads with the slogan ‘FIF [Fit Is Fashionable], and grocery stores would have ‘Eat What You Love’. Making sure that banners are short, sweet and simple while also being creative and starting a new movement will bring much success.

‘Don't Weight to Workout’ plays on the thought of what a person weights, which also reminds consumers what WW Inc.’s original mission was in the first place. ‘FIF [Fit Is Fashionable’ will attract a younger audience, which is the future of the company. This slogan attracts consumers that are text savvy, and being fashionable by being fit will attract consumers who love fashion (which is almost the entire nation). It wouldn’t hurt to think about targeting women’s clothing stores as well since women make up a large percentage of the consumerism movement. Ads for grocery stores containing the ‘Eat What You Love’ slogan will reiterate and recycle what the meal plan is for WW Inc.; this type of marketing will possibly increase sales in WW Inc. products (whether in-store or online), and is beneficial publicity. All of these cross-marketing techniques will assist in rebranding and recreating what WW Inc. represents.

In order to gain more visitors on the website, each ad consisting of these three slogans will, when clicked upon, send the potential buyer to a different webpage that relates to it on the website. The ‘FIF’ slogan will send visitors to the home page for WW Inc., the ‘Eat What You Love’ ad will redirect buyers to the ‘Food’ tab (which focuses on how members are able to practice healthy eating habits), and the ‘Don’t Weight to Workout’ ad will transfer consumers to the ‘Daily Feed’ tab. Each ad will truly individualize potential buyers to view the website, but also discover what the new site offers for everyone, not just people that are looking to lose weight.

Let’s not forget to utilize our celebrities for each ad as well. Categorize them based on their interest and their own experiences. For instance, Jennifer Hudson’s success story of fitness with WW Inc. is incredible; use her in ads that focus on gyms/ fitness centers. Oprah is known for her famous recipes and practicing overall health; utilize her in the ads focused on grocery stores. DJ Khaled is extremely fashionable and is in the entertainment world; having him in ads related to fashion would be highly beneficial.

WW Inc. is doing an amazing job with recreating the website and the overall brand. In order to ‘create a world where wellness is accessible to everyone’, it is important to market to companies that haven’t partnered with Weight Watchers before (either due to our marketing plan or because they didn’t exist yet). The world is excited to see what WW Inc. will do to help bring wellness to everyone.


Lauren Nelson



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